Hi. I’m Ben Boogaardt. A full-stack internet specialist and entrepreneur from the digital era.

I started an internet company at the age of 16, when I was still in middle school.

From that moment I started growing my business, pursuing freedom and becoming a better person, every day.

At my company Web and Brand I worked on the digital transformation of over 500 businesses. Ranging from cozy craft shops to governmental organizations.

Some examples of my clients you may know are WebwinkelKeur, World Servants, Proximus, Snap-on, Charlie's Travels, Shmee150, Beek Autoracing, Sandd, De Gieser Wildeman, Kunst aan de Vaart, MANHART, WeFact and Openingstijden.nl.

Web and Brand eventually grew to a team of 5, but currently we’re killing it with just 3 of us from our office space our home offices in 📍 Assen.

Web and Brand

In the portfolio of Web and Brand, my development studio, you can see some of the websites I created together with my team.

Visit webandbrand.nl

As a EASA licensed Drone Pilot, one of my favorite spare time activities is going on roadtrips and hikes and capturing my adventures with my phone and drone.

Check out @beninbeeld

Facts & Figures

Some special achievements I'm proud of:


Running 20K non-stop. When I commit myself to something, I'm unstoppable.

5 million

A rough estimate of the audience that uses and sees some part of my work every day.


The age I built my first website in 2004 that actually can be considered client work.

Clients & Partners

I've worked for and with these companies

Contact me

Feel free to contact me. Please don't be a recruiter.